About Us

Stan Brock, FounderStan Brock, President and Founder

“My vision for Remote Area Medical® developed when I suffered a personal injury while living among the Wapishana Indians in Guyana, South America. I was isolated from medical care, which was about a 26 day journey away. I witnessed the near devastation of whole tribes by what would have been simple or minor illnesses to more advanced cultures. When I left Guyana, I vowed to find a way to deliver basic medical aid to people in the world’s inaccessible regions. So, in 1985 I established the non-profit, Remote Area Medical® or as most people know us – RAM®. RAM® is the way I have kept that promise, not only to the Wapishana Indians, but to thousands around the world in similar conditions. In other words, there are Wapishanas everywhere.” – Stan Brock, Founder and President

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Mobile Clinics
Disaster Relief

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Four Foundational Principles

Serve Humanity
Empower Communities
Generate A Movement
Provide Free, Quality Services

Remote Area Medical Board of Directors

john (2)John Myers, CFP, CIMA
Vice President
Chris S ThumbnailChris Sawyer, MD
Medical Director
John O ThumbnailJohn Osborn, DDS
Director of Dental Services
Witke ThumbnailPaul Wittke, MD
Director of Vision Services
Doug ThumbnailDoug Beeler Jim M ThumbnailJim McFarland
Janet SoutherlandJanet H. Southerland, D.D.S.,
M.P.H., Ph.D.
Scheuer_Picture_2Mark Scheuer
Dick Stoops Wayne Hughes
Robert Denovo, DVM Richard Conard, MD